TawnyOWL is an innovative UAV solution designed to conduct diverse and challenging reconnaissance and combat operations, while being perfectly adapted to the requirements of the contemporary battlefield.

3 kg

maximum take-off weight

1 kg

maximum load capacity

40 min

flight time

Features and parameters:
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): up to 3 kg - The drone can take off with a maximum load of 3 kg and may carry a variety of combat loads, first aid kits and other items. It may also be additionally charged to extend the flight time.
Payload weight: up to 1 kg - The drone may carry loads up to 1 kg to be used for precise fire support and efficient delivery of other items to heavy access zones.
Flight time: up to 40 min - The maximum flight time allows for fast and efficient completion of short-term tactical operations.
Made using 3D printing technology - The use of 3D printing allows for quick servicing and design adjustment, which is of vital importance in light of the rapidly changing modern battlefield conditions.
Small size - folding arm - facilitate handling and storage of the UAVs and guarantee instant deployment.
6x Zoom camera - The high zoom camera with gimbal stabilizer facilitate carrying out precise reconnaissance operations in difficult terrain.
4K resolution in visual recording - The images recorded in high-quality 4K resolution provide detailed data for analysis and decision-making. High-resolution images allow for accurate post-processing.
The 868 MHz control protocol using LoRa long-range wireless communication. Advanced communication technologies increase the reliability and control range of the drone.
Mobile application with preview of parameters. The mobile application allows for real-time monitoring and control of the drone, which increases mission control and enables flights using offline uploaded maps.
Resistance to interference - Resistance to interference makes it possible to carry out operations in difficult conditions. The ability to fly without the use of GPS facilitates missions in conditions of partially developed electromagnetic warfare.

TawnyOWL is an advanced, small-sized UAV designed to effectively support tactical and reconnaissance operations. On one hand, TawnyOWL helps increase operational awareness of the squads, while on the other hand, it may be used directly as an alternative fire measure supporting operations connected with combating manpower or light armor vehicles. 

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