OWLNEST system for planning and implementation of uav missions

The OWLNEST software system is a complete IT solution for planning and carrying out missions using one or more UAVs. Thanks to the implemented functionalities of route verification, collision warning and status monitoring – the system significantly improves the safety of operations, speeds up their planning, and allows them to be carried out in the most effective way. 

Key functionalities for the client (organization):

commissioning missions through the platform along with the initial cost and time required

constant monitoring of currently implemented missions

quick access to materials collected during the mission

real-time communication with the mission supervisor

Key functionalities for the drone operator:

quick preview of mission details using the web panel and mobile application

structured documents and mission statuses

verification of planned routes in terms of potential threats and collisions

mission materials management

Key functionalities for the mission supervisor:

systematic management of investments, missions and clients

monitoring of sensors and MMI / MMO modules

management and monitoring of the docking station, including viewing parameters and real-time video

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