Unmanned systems


The OWLNEST autonomous unmanned platform consists of a mobile docking station and a flying platform composed of one or a number of drones equipped with dedicated devices individually selected for the requirements of the mission or task. 

UAS Operator Registration No: POLa4707234019e8


45 km mission range

12 km real-time preview

65 min flight time

12 kg load capacity

50 km/h flight speed

The OWLNEST flying platform allows for aerial supervision and long-range missions is a bespoke solution individually adjusted to complete a wide range of applications and tasks, also in difficult terrain where traditional drone control solutions fail to perform.

The planning of autonomous missions allows the user to perform completely autonomous missions according to a pre-planned scenario, which may apply to a single UAV platform as well as several drones working together within a swarm, each able to carry equipment up to 12 kg. 

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