Docking station

The OWLNEST Docking Station

The OWLNEST Docking Station has been designed to support of the core functionalities of the flying platform. Loaded with precision sensors, charging capabilities, various communication protocols and high precision landing technology, the docking station is the ultimate tool for the support of autonomous UAV missions. The station is equipped with a touch panel used for manual operation, service and various testing procedures. The operator may control the station’s working cycles from any location using a smartphone application. Supported with the docking station, the EagleOWL flying platform may be used to monitor zones and reach targets located several hundred kilometers away without the presence of the operator (subject to obtaining relevant permission). 

Features and equipment:
Lift mechanism which allows to lower the drone deep into the station for storage
Charging using conventional network, a generator, a battery and photovoltaic panels
Positioning, docking and take-off support mechanisms
UAV charging system
Turret with a camera and an anemometer
Landing support system
Mobile docking station MobiOWLNEST

MobiOWLNEST is installed withing the loading space of a pickup vehicle and was developed to carry out UAV operations in the field. MobiOwlnest comprises landing zone and the storage space for the UAV, the accessories and chargers. The station is equipped with external antennas integrated with the UAV tracking mechanism, the drone operator may carry out the majority of missions from the car cockpit and the transmission range and control parameters are maintained.

Landing zone and lift mechanism to lower the drone for storage.
Retractable roof which expands the landing zone.
Landing support.
Charging system for lithium-polymer batteries.
Control pannel to monitor the working cycles of the station.
Alternative batteries charged by the car engine.
Compatible with the majority of pickups.

Using the mobile docking station the UAVs may take-off and land at different locations within a short time-span. This makes the UAV launch site considerably harder to trace, which helps increase the efficiency of surveillance flights.

MobiOWLNEST, being completely mobile and compatible with various types of vehicles, is an invaluable aid to uniformed services in conducting successful UAV operations. 

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