OWLCube – air drop transport case

The OWLCube transport case was designed according to the NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG) for aeromobile troops to deliver combat drones along with accessories and spare parts, using the landing tare method of a parachute drop from an aircraft. OWLCube fulfils all the requirements provided for in STANAG. 

Standardized dimensions: In accordance with STANAG 3105, the case measures 1200 x 1200 x 1400 mm, allowing for the optimal use of the storage space, in accordance with the tactical instruction.
Resistance to external factors: OWLCube meets the requirements of the STANAG 4280 standard for mechanical strength and resistance to weather conditions, which guarantee protection of the load during the drop.
Access from two sides: The box allows for quick and easy access to the storage space from two sides, which facilitates loading and unloading even in difficult terrain conditions.
Adjustable mounting: The case is equipped with multiple mounts enabling secure attachment of the transport case together with its equipment to withstand vibrations and overload during the drop.
Transport of the complete UAV system: OWLCube meets the requirements of the STANAG 3530 standard. It allows for safe transport of the complete UAV system, including additional batteries, spare parts, power banks, generators and other required equipment.
Integrated landing pad: In accordance with the STANAG 4586 standard, the case is equipped with integrated landing pad. This enables safe and precise landing of drones during their explanations and provides a comprehensive service center for the UAVs.
Intelligent landing support: OWLCube is equipped with an integrated guidance mechanism supporting precise landing to ensure precise touch-down at the landing pad, even in difficult weather conditions.
Electrical installation: The box is equipped with a fully integrated 12v and 230v installation for the efficient charging of drones and other accessories on site upon landing. Irrespective of conditions.
Emergency power supply: OWLCube is equipped with a reliable backup power system to increase chances for successful supplies in emergency situations.
Easy handling: The case is equipped with reliable handles that allow for efficient handling and mounting on vehicles.

OWLCube is a solution designed to address the needs of aeromobile troops and high mobility vehicles. Compliance with the STANAG standards ensures high level of interoperability, security and functional resilience of the OWLCube when delivering key operational awareness equipment to the battlefield. 

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