Based in Poland and supported by international partners, JPBC operates internationally with a well-established track record across Africa, Europe and Central & South America. Our experts thrive on providing top-quality service around the globe. We are ready to face any challenge, anytime, anywhere.

At JPBC, we only operate with trusted partners who established a global reputation for professionalism, dedication and conducting missions to the complete satisfaction of clients.


Experts in military equipment

One of the biggest defence groups in Poland, which specializes in development and manufacturing of technologically advanced equipment for modern armies around the globe.

Their ability to provide cutting edge products and comprehensive services has been tested by the Polish Army in long-lasting business partnerships primarily focused on the process of modernization of the current assets, rendering the companies as crucial components of the national security system.

Among our partners, there are also companies with the highest level of international experience in the area of special security projects around the world. They consist of experts and instructors whose skills are based on frontline combat experience, acquired in the course of several military and police special operations, and protection tasks carried out for industrial facilities constituted as components of critical infrastructure. They are experts in planning, organization, training, management and conduct of protective operations in carried out in the most dangerous regions of the world.

Former special forces officers

Ex British Special Forces (SAS) officers with 10 to 20 years? experience both at operational and command level rendering them fully experienced professional consultants who can and have operated in any given environment, able to work closely with all interested parties and maintaining the constant dialogue required to work towards a successful operational outcome.

The company has worked continuously in the security industry for over twenty years providing all operational security management in the following countries: Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Syria, Oman, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Instructors of operational experience in counter terrorism operations, who have been involved in preparing and delivering outstanding weapon training to many different and diverse students of differing nationalities and experience comprising everything from basic weapon handling through to close combat anti-terrorist team tactical shooting. They able to provide information, seminars and courses in all security related areas to include: Hostile Environment Awareness Training, Crisis Management, Emergency Procedures, Kidnap and Ransom, Personal Protection, Close Protection and Surveillance.

Security experts and advisors

Providers of comprehensive, tailored solutions for today?s security challenges, where world-class planning, experienced management and unmatched operational skills are combined to deliver the defense, training, logistics and intelligence results required in any environment. Whether in the civilian, private or government domain, the companies provide end-to-end, turnkey safety and security solutions for even the most demanding setting.

They precisely match expertise and resources to client's needs in corporate security, police and military support, combat training, unit establishment, intelligence, operations, logistics, equipment supply and special missions.

Having completed a number of ground, air and coastal security and surveillance projects they accumulated a vast international experience in training of military and police forces, as well as industrial and civil security, and among the projects are: training of Military and Police Special Forces in: India, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Nigeria, Angola, Guatemala and Dominican Republic; as well as surveillance and security projects in Nigeria, Madagascar, Colombia, Angola and Equatorial Guinea.