The land and water engineering solutions delivered by the Pietrucha Group, coupled with the investment and consulting services offered by JPBC, serve as solid foundations for stable international development based on high quality products and services delivered in cooperation with local partners on various markets worldwide.

We have access to own capital, are able to secure additional financing and build expert management teams in projects assuming construction of industrial processing plants. We are able to create and implement tailor-made comprehensive restructuring and project management solutions that would help achieve European standards of production efficiency and quality, increase export capabilities and the domestic market share.

Our team is dedicated to offer cost-efficient business solutions aimed at mitigating risk and ensuring the continuity of business processes. Combined with the Pietrucha Group?s international experience in the infrastructure sector we are able to provide the necessary framework and expertise to equip every business professional with the necessary knowledge and hands-on training to considerably increase the level of comfort and security when visiting unfamiliar or hostile environments, or attending domestic and international events where the risk of unwanted attention is considerable.